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Empire Youth Athletics is a youth sports organization based in the Long Island area. Our goal is to mold the future empire generation into hard-working, coachable individuals.  Our coaches go the extra mile to ensure that our athletes develop necessary skills beyond the scope of the playing field. Through individual/group training and clinics, our athletes are working on their craft, while learning intangible characteristics such as: teamwork, sportsmanship, collaboration, etc. which will set them apart from others. 

"An Empire Athlete is a multi-dimensional, well-rounded player that all coaches dream of having on their roster"


Empire Currently offers teams for the following ages: 12u, 14u, and 16u

What does our season entail?

We typically hold tryouts in August for our year-round season. An Empire season varies based on skill level, but typically includes: 

Winter Training

- Core work 

- Hitting and Fielding practice

1-2 Practice(s) per week

6-7 Tournaments

1-2 League(s)

Uniform Package

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