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The Brandon Wilson Scholarship Fund

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As many of you know, we recently lost our beloved Coach and friend, Brandon Wilson, in a tragic car crash. Coach Wilson was the epitome of what we strive for at Empire – compassion, excellence, and camaraderie.  In an ultra-competitive scene, his main priorities were ensuring that our kids were improving each day and that they were taken care of off the court as well. He had a special connection with his players and was truly loved by his team and every member of the Empire community.

After some time of reflection and with the blessing from Coach Wilson's family, the Empire Athletics Foundation would like to announce the creation of the Brandon Wilson Scholarship Fund. 


Coach Wilson had a vision of the growth potential of his team and the entire Empire program.  In his words, it was time for us to “take it up a notch” with his group as we were planning to enter his team into tougher leagues and tournaments this coming Spring/Summer.  We will honor him by continuing his mission.


This Scholarship Fund will honor his commitment to his players. The foundation’s committee will be headed by Coach Leon Pursoo, Coach Brandon’s childhood best friend and program director of Empire Youth Athletics. Coach Leon Pursoo, in conjunction with other committee members, will determine the allocation of funds. Proceeds will be allocated to any or all of the following areas: high school tuition, college tuition, travel and/or boarding for tournaments, travel expenses, etc.  


Throughout the next few weeks, we will have t-shirts, bracelets, and other merchandise available for purchase, with all proceeds going into the Brandon Wilson Scholarship Fund. If you would like to make a donation, checks can be made out to The Empire Athletics Foundation with the memo The Brandon Wilson Scholarship Fund. 


Coach Wilson not only significantly impacted the lives of many young players, but has also made an impact on our coaches.  He was well on his way to becoming one of the best coaches around.  Rest in Peace Coach Brandon Wilson- Thank you for bringing light to so many. You will truly be missed and we will continue to embody your values in everything we do here at Empire. Through the Brandon Wilson Scholarship Fund, your name and mission will forever live on in the Empire family.

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